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Bumpkin & Rube country music

They’re redneck hillbilly country dudes, they’re Bumpkin & Rube. Too country legit to fit (in the city) or to quit (living in the country). The boys got country cred and they’re country incredible! No auto tune, expensive instruments or polished studio recordings for the boys, it’s country music the way it’s supposed to be – raw and authentic. Not like popular country music today, with pre-packaged city slicking posers and downright imposters. No need to name them, we all know who they are and they’re no Bumpkin & Rube – they’re the real deal and their legend continues to grow.

In early 2022 their demo for their debut album The Long Lost Art Of Robbing Passenger Trains prematurely leaked onto the Internet. The songs available are as original and raw as they are, and a good preview of what is to come. Now as they finish their original songs and shop for a record deal they’ve already started work on their next album. But you won’t see them on tour as they’re down yonder in the holler and rarely leave the farm, let alone get on a plane or bus. And their truck broke down on the road to nowhere. But you might see them singing around a campfire or in a run-down honky tonk if it’s close enough for a horseback ride. In the meantime the farmer gave them chores to do, starting with pulling the cow from the creek.

To hear the leaked demo of Bumpkin & Rube click HERE

Jesusio Son Of God

DARIATION and author Thomas Faster have announced the sequel book to Jesusio Son Of God is nearly finished. Jesusio – The Rapturation, will be available in 2022. To purchase Jesusio Son Of God please click here. Buy it before its banned!

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Diet Spice

Diet Spice now available for preorder. Contact Dariation for more details.

Sticky Shims

Sticky Shims now available!


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Animals Eat Meat

The definitive final word in the vegetarian vs. meat eater debate. It’s a statement that can’t be argued and has to be agreed upon; Animals Eat Meat – Meat Eaters Are Animals.

Planet Columbus

Explore PLANET COLUMBUS. Contact Dariation to learn how.

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