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Dariation LLC is a creative consortium and online showcase promoting products and services. Our name identifies us, and our slogan describes us - Dariation IS daring variation. Dariation can take you to the next level of publicity. Whether an idea in the planning stages, or a seasoned product or service, Dariation can assist you with unmatched creativity campaigns that can best be described as dariational. By partnering with the Dariation team, your creation will become a part of a creative consortium unlike any other. We'll dariationize your work to set it apart and take it to the next level of exposure. We're daring, different and dariationated - Dariation IS daring variation. So contact Dariation, and you might just get your name on the moon.

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Play Hurt - If you're not playing hurt, you're not playing hard enough

NUTHUN, nuthun

Unnatural Anatomy - disproportionated

Italiun - Youse can be one of us, bleed tomater sauce

Italiuns - Weez stick together

Isolationary - It takes eight arms to keep you away

Team Isolation - Apart from each other we stand together

Isolation University - Be in a class, literally, by yourself

Rapturation - The end of the world is catching on

Do Something Bad

Ohawaio - O'Hawai"O - O'hawaii'o Alohaio, Tropic of Buckeye and The Isle Of Cow, Buckeye Palm Tree - aloha'io - the new "big" island are trademarks of Morezemo and Artwork by Morezemo


why be mean?

god hates organized religion


Dariedge style - dariedge style



Death Won't Take Me Alive - The Pleasantville Murders Part I -by Thomas Faster

Jasper Ross Isn't Fireproof - AKA Burn Alive From the Inside - by Thomas Faster

Jesusio - Son of God - By Thomas Faster

Welcome Back Again; The Life and Times of John Sebastian - biography of John Sebastian - by Matthew Stevenson

Beliefication - A Communication Study In Knowledge Versus Belief - by Eric M. Eramo/Erick Black - believe nothing, but don't doubt anything - don't doubt anything but believe nothing

The Columbus Kid - A story of addressing racism, stereotypes, and prejudices in children - by G.R. Stonerock

Forward Progression - Ramoetry Part I - by Ramonious

A New World Emerging - The Artwork of Morezemo - Morezemo

Big Blu Gurilla - A cartoon featuring the adventures of a big blue gorilla - by G.R. Stonerock

Lonely at the Top by Thomas Faster

Undulatus Alphabetus by Christian McCloud



Chess Dimensions - Taking Chess Off The Board

Diet Spice - Spice up your diet with Diet Spice

Tutcrackers - Nutankhamun - the original egyptian nutcracker

Dariational compass

Isolationary car sticker


Special Projects

Isolationary - team isolation

Dariationize - dariationized - Dariationize your home, yard or office with cutting-edge, DARIATIONIZED design and decoration.

Zhentoren - Zhentoren - improving the human experience through alternative energy breakthroughs, physical and mental health enhancements,
communication refinement and travel advancement. Zhentoren = solutions.

Buckeye Palm Tree - Columbus needs a "Buckeye" Palm Tree - imported
from O'Hawai'O. Join the team to make it happen.


Morezemo, Unexpecture, Unexpecturism, Unexpecturist, "true art is unexpected" and all works of art are trademarks of Morezemo and Dariation, LLC.

Baby Doll Bathtub

A new world emerging

A square wheel for a round world - take the helm for sharp turns

All that remains of the magic bus

Bulls eye first try

Baby food unflavored

Baby food flavored

Blood dries from the inside out

Buskeye palm tree

Concussion by percussion

Death Metal


Bark from a laminate tree

Earth's evacuation plan

The people of planet earth have not yeached reached their full potential

Unnatural anatomy - Disproportionated

The door is opening me

The doors are opening me

The element of surprise

Even dirt will have its day

A framed piece of paneling

Framework - the changing of the seasons

Framework - Hanging down

Seclusionary - Guarded

Healing Thomas Paine


Keeping score

Knife massage

My home planet

O'Hawai'O - ohawaio - ohawaiio

Freedom is it's most natural state

It's shape is larger than it's size

Please do not touch

Proof of God's existence



Scatterscram - Shattered

The tranquility is interrupted by a hail of gunfire

Shrunken heads - not only shrunken in size but age

Suspending disbelief


There's a hole in L.A.


Travel board




Waiting for my shipwreck to come in

The world is getting bigger

Leia Riley

Leia Riley and her artwork are trademarks of Leia Riley and Dariation, LLC

Crying tears of different colors

Even dirt will have it's day

Gothic rainbow blocking out the sun

Football used to be an ugly sport


Christian McCloud and his works of poetry, Undulatus Alphabetus are trademarks of Christian McCloud


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